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Push carts

PUSH carts is the first company to bring heavy metal-free glass cartridges to the vape market, making vaping
safer for everyone once again. PUSH carts strive to provide consumers with exactly what they are looking for,
with unique-tasting products like no other. If you are a weed smoker and sometimes you want to change
the way you smoke, you can consider a vaporizer, but you should know how it works and the pros and
cons of vaping. push vape pen cartridges have become popular in the cannabis industry and cannabis market.
In fact, Push vape pen cartridges are one of the many products you can buy from a licensed dispensary if you
are a medical cannabis patient.


Best place in town!
As a first time patient I received 20% off my entire order AND they gave me free sign up gifts ( papers, pipe). I've used other companies around town and these guys definitely know what they are doing. They are extremely knowledgeable and helped me get exactly what I needed. I won't be using anyone else. Thank you!

Latifa GreenWaitress

It's August 2022, gas is expensive, inflation is no joke. I had to cut back on my raw garden and other top shelf gas. This is my 3rd push cart, I'm happy af! Tasty, packaging is on point, flvors are delicious. The high for this one is excellent, super chill, very tasty. 100% recommend Push carts if you can get it for $25 as well

Calvin ReevesActor

Talk about quality and taking care of their carts. Shows they care; everything about the design of the box to the logo, text and just overall everything, is a perfect S tier. My only gripe would be when taking about priming the cart, there should be more info on how long you should prime it and defining what priming is. (Disregard this gripe if I’m just blind. I will update this after I have smoked at least half and will let you know

push carts
Lufsiga BModel


The 2nd Generation P.U.S.H. all-glass tank is a wide body style of our original all-glass cart with a high grade 100% glass design, first of its kind. The extra long tip is made to optimize airflow for a true bong like rip.

Push disposable

Push Disposable has a wide range of vape pens to keep you relaxed while treating your taste buds. Our
long-term goal is to drive innovation in the vaporizer industry. The average disposable vaporizer usually
holds between 200 and 400 puffs. It is often noted that 400 puffs of vapor are equivalent to 20 cigarettes.
The most common battery size for disposable vaporizers is 280 mAh, but can go up to 850 mAh
Uses of push disposable
 Anyone can choose and use a disposable vaporizer by following these simple steps.
 Take the vaporizer out of the packaging.
 If there is a button, click it and the indicator light will come on. If there is no button, go to step 3.
 Breathe through the mouth.
 Inhale the steam.
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